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9511 Pat "sorry my mom didn't get knocked up earlier so I could have been a true child of the 80's" C
Please continue to rock my face off

I've seen you guys about four times now and needless to say I've had a blast each time. Your shows are the only place were a popped collar does send me into a rage, not to mention I think I
9512 Information
No reason to be sad in DC

Just an FYI that the Ticket Booth is now open 12 Noon - 5 PM Mon-Fri and also 12 Noon - 11:30 PM on all show nights! The only problem is you need to get tickets early on so they don't sell out on you. The next show is September 9th. See you all there!
9513 In love

Can I just say that you guys are AMAZING!! Can't wait for the next show....
9514 Kelly
RE: Mad in DC

I feel for the fan who can't seem to get tickets, but a bigger venue whould ruin the vibe of The Legwarmers show. The State Theater is a perfect venue b/c it is reminisent of a school dance, except at this dance everyone is legal. I don't understand the difficulty with finding tickets either. I had no problem getting tickets for this show. You just have to keep checking the website for new show listings. And you can pick your tickets up at the box office on the night of the show and save yourself shipping. Finally, Falls Church isn't that far from DC, so that is not a valid excuse.
9515 don't be so sad in dc...

just to let you know... that most people sell tickets outside the night of the show... service charge is a biotch so i understand your dilema.. if you go there just ask around. people always are out there waiting for you.
9516 Sad in DC
Bigger venue?

Can you please find a bigger venue in the DC area? This is about the 4th time it's been sold out on us. I live too far away (not to mention work) so unless I pay a $5 service charge there's no way to get tix before it sells out. I don't get why you guys can't play somewhere bigger! we'd all be there...
9517 JoJo Diamond

Great show last night. I am so hooked.
9518 The Mammalian
Fight for your right...

After a night of beachy froth at Dewey, The Legwarmers returned home to the State Theatre last night for a steamy June show that made the Intermission showing of Michael Jackson's 'Beat It' video look old school by comparison.

Opening with the headbanging wake-up call of 'I Wanna Be Sedated,' 'Kids in America' and 'Rebel Yell,' and ending with a (literally) wall-shaking 'Welcome to the Jungle' and the Beastie Boys 'Fight For Your Right (to Party),' the band showed again that VH1 Classic might be just too minimalist for what these songs can really be.

Maybe because school's out, or summer's almost here, but there were costumes galore Saturday night -- silver straps, bright blue tops, lots of headbands and wristbands, one guy in a total Ferris Bueller prep suit and dancing everywhere. A girl got pulled onstage to help with 'The Right Stuff,' one guy crowd-surfed, some parents made a conga line and a pretty woman asked me to dance! 'I went to a party on a Saturday night' indeed!

Everything clicked, and if they debuted only one song (the Beasties), the band made up for it with precision playing, searing guitar solos, a hyponotic 'Voices Carry' and a driving 'I Love Rock and Roll' that might've shaken Joan Jett from a career hiatus if she heard it.

The Legwarmers are back in July, but play everywhere this summer, including a stop at B.B. King's in NYC this September. Catch them if you can, because despite what the song says, 'it IS a big thing!'

'Your mom busted in and said what's that noise?'
9519 The Mammalian

So I'm watching the MTV Movie Awards tribute to 'The Breakfast Club,' and some guys called Yellowcard come out to do a tepid version of 'Don't You Forget About Me.'

What's the deal? Were the Legwarmers unavailable??? Jeez...

'When you call my name...'
9520 The Mammalian
All tomorrow's parties...

The right stuff indeed.

After two nights at the State -- four completely satisfying and full-bodied sets, four costume changes and almost 100 songs -- The Legwarmers left no doubt last weekend that this is far more than a cover band.

Because the Legwarmers reach straight to the throbbing heart of the big 80s. They strip away the video glam and show just how great these songs can be when they're played like songs, and not just sound-on-sound for some TV commercial video whiz.

Let's put it this way: Def Leppard was on NBC's Today show last week playing in Rockefeller Plaza, and halfway through their rather tired version of 'Pour Some Sugar On Me,' it hit me. I'd rather hear the Legwarmers!

Make no mistake: These Legwarmers are no burned-out poseurs, no anonymous karaoke machine coming to your town twice a year to take your hard-earned cash with note-for-note rip-offs of big hair favorites.

No, this is a full-fledged music machine, peaking, professional, polished, making these songs liver than they've ever been. Is there any doubt the Warmers now own 'Summer of '69' and 'Paradise City?' Or is it the crowd who can claim ownership, and the Legwarmers are just channeling the pure pop of a shared Nintendo handheld? We think it's the players, not the song.

But either way, the Warmers, at every show, lead a generational foot stomp as vital as any 50s hop, Woodstock mud chant, Mudd Club bang-up or oh-so-distanced 90s grunge match. The Warmers are the real deal, and you can feel it even outside sneaking a smoke or trying to call a gal pal on the phone.

Cut to May 20. The first night was Legwarmer Incorporated: the crowd familiar and roaring, the energy almost bringing down the house.

The power trio of Cru, Chet and Gordon would be enough for most bands: Cru's jump-start vocals would thrive in any rock and roll era but seem perfect for capturing the screaming chords of 80s rock and roll thunder; Gordon's can-sing-anything pop chops grow wider and wilder each outing, and he can shred a riff that would make a Judas Priest parking lot start honking with metal fever; and Chet: Has any bass man ever been so front and center?

Add to that Cyndi's smooth musical wink -- a pop presence so rapturous that she can she-bop and growl at the same time -- and Rikki's soaring vocals -- on this night she brought back Cher from retirement and added a soulful echo to 'Video Killed the Radio Star.' They are coalescing into a pop suite femme fatale from another land.

And then, no longer obscured by plastic sheathing, the grit and precision of Lavaar is revealed as the throbbing machine behind the whole affair. His drums do one of the hardest things in music: Propel sometimes silly pop into a structured and driving mass of bottom and beat. Only at a Legwarmers show, thanks to Lavaar and Chet, can you feel the soul in something like 'We Built This City.'

The horns of mournful Clarence and crowd-favorite J.R. add to the mix, and when 'The Right Stuff' is turned out, there's boy band pose as well. The combination is a precious thing indeed, and those who take this band for granted will recall these days as the best days of their lives, as the song goes, when it goes away someday.

Then flash to Night Two: This was a younger crowd, a money crowd, more Legwarmer newbies and several knots of partygoers obviously there on word of mouth alone.

"I heard this band is supposed to be great," said one well-dressed young professional type dragging his compatriots for a night of nostalgia. His friends, so bored, so blas
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