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5771 The Mammalian
Warmers warm up the night

The Legwarmers have gone way beyond prime time with their beast-ever show last weekend at the State Theatre. This time "Sold Out" wasn't a surprise, it was a cardboard sign at the door, signalling that the retro ravers are the real deal.

The place was packed early and by the end of the night -- a 2 a.m. finish! -- guys without shirts were staggering into the 10-degree streets, bumming rides with the best of the 80s (which have become the new 50s), still alive and very well in the cold.

The band has never been tighter, the sound system stronger, the lads and lasses looking cooler or the crowd louder. New songs included Tiffany's version of I Think We're Alone Now, including mall-perfect hand gestures and a true 80s dance party Modern Love, with horns and all.

My only question: Um...But WHY would anyone miss this show? What else could be better? Sorry, but the answer is "Nothing!"

"Gets me to the church on time..."

5772 Virgin
Rocked for the very first time!

Caught your 1/23 show and was BLOWN AWAY! Excellent venue - Please, please, PAH-LEASE tell me you're having a February show!
5773 Alley House

Is so damn sexy, I can't wait to watch the Super Bowl with him.......maybe since he'll be inside all day he'll wear shorts!
5774 30 Something Fan!
1/23/04 Show at VA State Theatre-Rockin'

After hearing friends talk about your show in December for a month, a large group of us came to experience first hand all of the fun stories we heard about! I don't think we've ever had that much fun re-living our teen years through your show! What a blast! I was so amazed at the talent that EACH one of you in the band has! We all think you should be on VH-1 Classics! Thanks for a great night and we will be at each and every show to come, bringing more friends along the way! Rock On Legwarmers!
PS- Chet....I knew I thought you rocked...fellow Radford friend!
5775 Mattie Matt

Absolutley delicious........tonight was my first show and you were amazing. Definitely gonna be coming to more shows, and hopefully I'll be able to meet you sometime.
5776 KeyYong
the band

I saw you guys at the 12/15/04 show and you guys rocked! I'm real sad that I won't be able to make it to your January show at the State Theater in VA. I'll be down in Fayetteville, NC for guys need to make it further south and share the fun!!!! Looking forward to your expansion the way...spiky hair dude is hot...

I can't wait for the Legwarmers to rock it again!! I know they just had a show not to long ago but for me, evey show is like seeing a new naked chick!!!
5778 Be-bop Baby
My Legs are Warm!!!

My friends and I had such a great time at your last State Theater show. We were swept away for a moment by chance and we danced and danced and danced ... like we haven't since the 1980's. Can't wait for the next one. Rock on LEGWARMERS!!!
5779 Tri-omicron
Da band

The brothers of Tri-omicron love your band and wish to see more of you. They cannot wait to see your show in January and know that they are in store for a great show. They wish to extend a f-ing A Bro and only hope to enjoy some frothy brews while they particpate in copius amounts of bacchanalia. Good job guys!

5780 Wolverines!
the band

I haven't missed a show. You know me as the beer soaked maniac always upfront screaming the songs along with you exchanging high fives and yelling cyndi sindee's name till my voice fails. "TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT, I DON'T WANT LET YOU GO TILL YOU SEE THE LIGHT!"

Rock on Legwarmers!
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