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5581 The Mammalian
Comin' from a Go-Go!

Hard to top Friday's SOLD OUT Christmas show at the State Theater, which included the incredible sight of a long line wrapping around the corner and into the parking lot. More than a hundred fans were turned away! Awesome!

As were dynamic new versions of Wake Me Up Before We Go-Go, Gloria (80s version, natch), a Roam/Love Shack medley and the appearance onstage of a signer-for-the-deaf who punctuated every nuance of the before-encore closer, Do They Know It's Christmas (Feed the World).

Plus, the band LOOKED great -- the gals pure Voices Carry vogue, the guys nodding to The Jam, Adam Ant, hair power and blue-collar cool. Add to that the debut of the Leghorns -- actual brass! -- and the show was pure McFly.

The Legwarmers know how to pick what was fun and hip from the first video age and make it new and smart all over again. In an era when the raw of punk has become the 'reality' of Punk'd, the Warmers are savvy and talented enough to bust through the too-cool-for-that cynicism that keeps too many people from smiling these days. I'll promise you this: Even Paris Hilton woulda whooped and danced -- for real -- Friday night.

"Roam if you want to..."
5582 Blind Willie Duke

Great show at the State Theatre 12/12/03, but how about adding some R&B tunes into the mix?
5583 Wesley Willis
I have no a$$

I attended the Legwarmers show on Friday December 12, 2003.
Cru Jones and his friends rocked my a$$ off.
The show cost 7 dollars.
The band played until 1:30 Am.
It was a great value.
The Leg Warmers are a terrific band.
I really like them a lot.

Rock Over London. Rock On Chicago.
Diet Pepsi. Uh-huh.
5584 Crystal
You guys are A-mazing!

I just went to see your show last night and I have to say I have never seen a band rock so much doing '80s covers. I liked the spikey haired dude, he looked like the big brother from the Goonies. The bassist looked like Robert Smith from The Cure. Anyway, I had a lot of fun.
5585 mr. t

very cool.. then be on the look out for tons of sweet pics of you guys! i will be waiting for chet's arrival

Chet should be back from crime fighting in Japan this week so be on the lookout for an upcoming show!!!
5587 The Mammalian
Can't stop my leg!

I'm in Legwarmer Withdrawal!

Pies are fine, but we need our 80s cake EVERY month. When will the hardest working band in the retro DC land be back??

5588 Rema
I attest to the best!

I spent my 40th with the Legwarmers. It was so awesome! Danced, danced and danced. Great time with the girls.....and the guys!

Go see them wherever they are!

You will have a flash back from the past!
5589 mr. t

hurry up and have some more shows... we are all dying to dress up and rock out with you guys!!!
5590 paula phillips

the 6th show was rockin! mr. gartrell is very daring in his outfits.. and more people should dress up!!! quit slackin fans! no costello? was he not too rad in the 80's?
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