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341 The Mammalian
Warmer harmony

When Cindi Sindee sings her heartfelt rendition of 99 Red Balloons, gloved hands at the mike, the band kicked into high gear and the crowd bouncing as one, it is more than merely MTV nostalgia but also a call, if only for a moment, for peace and charity in a world gone retro bonkers.

Let others raise clenched club fists or brandish their heavy metal horns of anger. Let others pose as East Coast shadys in a West Coast drive-by. Let others, you know, represent!

For me, a child of the 60s looking back at the 80s, the only symbol is head tilted down and two fingers held aloft -- a peace sign proud yet defiant in the swirl of the pure pop beat.

Someday, if we all think real hard, the sky will be high enough for the balloons, all 99 of them, to float gently away, dots of red that teach the world to sing. In 'Warmer' harmony.

That is my dream, my Legwarmer testification. And if you don't agree, if you say, he must be crazy, that old man in the back there with the Martha Quinn in the corner of his eyes, all squint and VH1 classic in a Road Rules world, well, I'm just sayin', ya know?

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