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33381 Jen
September State Show-1st timer-

Unreal how The Legwarmers hit every beat, note, and pause of every '80's song, just like it sounded from the original artist back then on the rocked! Unbelievable how I can't remember algebra but can remember every word to ALL the songs in your sets (great song list!)...Left there in a sweat and hoarse...KEEP IT UP! :)
33382 The Mammalian
Legwarmer Nation

Last week's show at the State was indeed an October jolt, especially for those of us rocking -- or reeling -- from the playoffs and World Series.

For Red Sox Nation in the crowd, the band offered truth and happiness throughout the night: "Don't stop believin'," "You might think (I'm Crazy)," and "Living on a prayer."

For Yankee blue, like myself, we could only think of what might have been as Rikki lamented, "If I could turn back time." And Gordon captured exactly what I was feeling at Game Six at Yankee Stadium, when he offered Talking Heads' classic lyric of confusion: "This is not my beautiful House!"

No, it wasn't, but all props to the Red Sox (See you again in 2090).

As for the Warmers, what a great show, with a synth-pop heavy first set and then a shredding second set that wiped away my deepest playoff blues. In just a few weeks, the return of the Leghorns, too!

Nice to see the Warmer fans turning out in full! And how the band's big 80s version of "Glory Days" brought all the teams together. At least for a night.

"I had a friend who was a big baseball player, back in high school..."
33383 Cara
Great Show

Went to the State Theater not knowing what the expect - but I had an AMAZING time. By the end of the night my feet were killing me, my ears were ringing, my throat was sore, and I was smiling from ear to ear. I can't wait to see your next performance!
33384 The Mammalian
Keeping it real...

That's Mammal-ian.

Anyways, sorry for the delay. I've been trying to figure out just what OTHER show a certain stagefront Legwarmer fan was at last Friday night, because the Maseratis sure weren't playing, the Pietasters are between tours, Planz Planz is in deep chant mode, Full Minute of Mercury were checking their synth temperatures and Tragically Hip wasn't til the NEXT night! Hmmm...

That said, Legwarmer fans had to wonder how the band would fare given that the Leg Horn Section was off that night after a Kevin Brown incident and a half-grown moustache.

Not to worry. The band made up for the missing brass by sticking to a simply cruel set of straight ahead rockers, audience response favorites and, after a top-notch first set, returning to the sweaty stage with eight (count 'em!), eight new songs.

Each new tune will become a repertoire standard, including an MTV-perfect 'Money for Nothing,' a bobbing 'She Bop,' 'Don't Stop Believin' and 'Hungry Like the Wolf.'

You might think the Cars' 'You Might Think' was already in the playbook, but Friday's offering was the LW debut, as was a ferocious and absolutely killer croc version of 'Should I Stay or Should I Go.' The strummer himself would have been proud.

Not enough? How about the real and original version of 'Don't Stand So Close to Me,' the one where the Police sounded like they really mean it. Back off, man.

And then, Rikki's total star turn, in a beatific white chiffon dress, the spotlight framing her face -- look out boys, she's getting married in the morning! --as she brought all the Cher boys and this old man to their arm-waving feet with 'If I Could Turn Back Time.' Are you KIDDING me? Just missing the gun turrets, as Gordon said.

The ladies worked everything right this night, and Cyndi's 'Goodbye to You' had the place waving come back even before things ended in another four-hour Leg fest. Chet, Gordon and Cru were rock solid tight, and check out the photo page soon for some of the first actual photos of Lavaar crushing his 80s drums in perfect pop metal abandon (who WAS that woman behind the stage?)

Again, I dunno who was playing elsewhere that night, but those who missed the Legwarmers only have themselves to blame.

High school reunions? There's one every month at the State!

"If I could turn back time..."

33385 Mamillion Fan
Where is the Mamillion

We miss his completely object concert reviews?
Where is the latest State show review?
I need my Mamillion fix.
Please, Please, Please, don't make me beg for more.
33386 Umm Like You know?
Cru Jones - you're hair is so hot.

I think I'm in love with you and your smooth moves!

Cru Jones - did you go to Frostburg, or am I crazy?
Check 1 for Yes
Check 2 for No

Umm Like You Know?

33387 Request
Can you plan "Your Love" by the Outfield tonight??

I love the Legwarmers!! I am very excited for tonights show.....but seriously, I would keep a look out for The Mammalian
33388 Natalie Green ;)
The Legwarmers are totally awesome!

I can
33389 PM
Way to go Legwarmers!!!

The best show ever. New songs were awesome and you all exude so much energy on stage. Thanks for the five seconds of silence in honor of the late Rick James only to followed by Super Freak. Well done. You guys are pure class with a capital "K".

Nice article with high accolades from the Washington Post yesterday in the Style section. You guys keep on rocking the nights away and people will keep on coming...from all points on this earth. It just keeps on getting better and better.

33390 KLB
08/06/04 show

My friend and I drove down from Baltimore for our first Legwarmers experience. It will not be our last, and we have determined we WILL be groupies. Is it still OK to be a groupie at age 31?

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