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301 theya gomez
rockin the new world

it just gets better with each show...the legwarmers are hot...can't decide which one of them is my favorite...the girls are so fine, and all the guys have their moves down...
couldn't ask for a better mix of songs, and the legwarmers make the 80s come back to life...
make sure to get tickets early cause they've been selling out the state theatre days before the show..
302 The Mammalian
Historic run ...

What's been happening at the State Theater is more than just the coolest cover band in the land bringing a lost video generation together with righteous 80s magic.

No, these are way more than just concerts or shows, and that is why the crowds get bigger every month and the word-of-mouth gets louder by the day.

These Legwarmer marathons are quite simply a call to musical arms, a kick-down-the-jams celebration of the collective heart, soul and sinew that beats in the very essence of the 20- and 30-something 'kids of America.'

When sour people with faces groaning under the weight of age and cynicism ask, oh my lord, what has MTV wrought, which values could possibly endure from all those edits and trash, and what dreadlocked language do these 80s refugees speak, simply direct them to the brick wall of the State Theater. Have them hold their palm to the door and let then feel the shake and shimmy of the purest power pop this side of rock and roll itself. And then watch them smile.

This is subversive stuff. The Legwarmers shows are a communard collective, a coming together of bits of this one-hit wonder, parts of that video, chords of glory from bedroom air guitars that kids rarely get to share in the same place at the same time. Video music is different from car radio music. How often does Paradise City come on the radio, after all?

The Legwarmers know that. You can see the delight and surprise in their faces when the crowd roars back the words of deep cuts from where-are-they-now hair bands with a joyous ferocity that recalls the best concerts by anyone anywhere.

There are certain times in music when things just click even when the musicians are still finding their way: the raw psychedelia of the Dead and the Airplane at the acid tests, the Byrds on Sunset Strip, the Who's 'Tommy' run at the Fillmore East, punk's raw birth at CBGB's, Springsteen at the Bottom Line in 1975, Atlanta's pop and angst explosion, Seattle's teen spirit and the perfect pop of boy band harmonies before things 'malfunctioned.'

These Legwarmer shows are that good.

We don't know where the members of this band will end up, how long this perfect match of talent and pose will endure, or how big this will all get.

We do know this: These shows are a generational touchstone that no one will ever forget. They are smart, funny, strongly played, packaged with Vegas precision and propelled with Jersey chops. These are SHOWS, and they get better every time.

If this sounds over the top, well, think about the buzz when the sets end, the enthusiasm in the hall, the shared choruses and the anticipation for next time. This is an historic run, these shows. Not to get all 80s and pretty, but take me back to Paradise City!

"Whoa, oh, take me home!"

303 my B-DAY!!!

On March 6th 2004, AKA the best night of my life, it was my 25th birthday and my second time at the legwarmers concert!!!! Although I was drunk at the bar, I DO rememebr the first half of the concert!! It was awesome- We love ALL members of the band, especially the David Arquette/ Magnum PI look-alike (trumpet player)! I'll SEE YOU ALL NEXT WEEKEND in Ballston!!
304 mad dog tannen

the show was awesome once again... special thanks to the strangers with candy look alike who jumped on stage and dance with crux.... punching him the crotch tho, that was a little too much
305 Christelle
Crazy lady on stage last night 03/06

I can testify that during 'Separate Ways' a woman either on drugs or just plain crazy jumped onto the stage and started hitting and jabbing Cru. It was very funny at first until I realized she was actually hurting him, finding out after the song ended. The Legwarmers continued to play without a hitch even though the psycho hose beast was going nuts and had to be escorted off stage.

I also have to say I really thought the guitar solos were awesome, if he can make a guitar sing like that I wonder what those hands could do. Oooooh!
306 Q3
You Rock

You guys rock. Oh my how you guys rock. Yes... Please keep rocking.... Hard.
307 Linda
Like, Oh my god!

I saw you guys for the first time on 1/23/04 at the urging of a friend of mine, and you guys rocked my socks! I was nervous about going since I've heard many a band butcher my favorite 80's hits..but you guys turned me around. Ok, ok, I admit it! I was scared poopless when I heard the opening to "Turning Japanese", one of my favorites, but it was given the proper tribute it deserved. And now, the fan mail..prepare yourselves...
Cyndi, you rawk my world! You remember the 80's the way they should be
308 Edbo
Rikki is my favorite member

Rikki is the best damn keyboardist this side of "the secret weapon" from CINDERELLA.
309 Shannon
Thanks for Continuing to Rock to the 80's

I have been to every show you've played at the State Theater in the last year. You are really the only band that we go out to see these days, and every time gets better. Your play list is so diverse and oh so much fun. I hope to see more of you this year, as I always look forward to your shows!!!
310 The Mammalian
Warmers warm up the night

The Legwarmers have gone way beyond prime time with their beast-ever show last weekend at the State Theatre. This time "Sold Out" wasn't a surprise, it was a cardboard sign at the door, signalling that the retro ravers are the real deal.

The place was packed early and by the end of the night -- a 2 a.m. finish! -- guys without shirts were staggering into the 10-degree streets, bumming rides with the best of the 80s (which have become the new 50s), still alive and very well in the cold.

The band has never been tighter, the sound system stronger, the lads and lasses looking cooler or the crowd louder. New songs included Tiffany's version of I Think We're Alone Now, including mall-perfect hand gestures and a true 80s dance party Modern Love, with horns and all.

My only question: Um...But WHY would anyone miss this show? What else could be better? Sorry, but the answer is "Nothing!"

"Gets me to the church on time..."

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