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271 Request
Can you plan "Your Love" by the Outfield tonight??

I love the Legwarmers!! I am very excited for tonights show.....but seriously, I would keep a look out for The Mammalian
272 Natalie Green ;)
The Legwarmers are totally awesome!

I can
273 PM
Way to go Legwarmers!!!

The best show ever. New songs were awesome and you all exude so much energy on stage. Thanks for the five seconds of silence in honor of the late Rick James only to followed by Super Freak. Well done. You guys are pure class with a capital "K".

Nice article with high accolades from the Washington Post yesterday in the Style section. You guys keep on rocking the nights away and people will keep on coming...from all points on this earth. It just keeps on getting better and better.

274 KLB
08/06/04 show

My friend and I drove down from Baltimore for our first Legwarmers experience. It will not be our last, and we have determined we WILL be groupies. Is it still OK to be a groupie at age 31?

275 The Mammalian
Five seconds for Rick

For someone who is old enough to honestly say that the best days of my life really WERE in the Summer of '69, it was heartening to experience the sheer pandemonium that greeted the return of the Legwarmers to the State Theater last night.

To say this band has grown into a regional cult force is an understatement. Where the Legwarmer crowd used to be reliable and familiar, this audience was threaded with new faces and word-of-mouth anticipation.

The Warmers were literally welcomed back with a roar from their summer's absence, and the band returned the favor with one of its tighest setlist yet, all played with power and precision.

The band was so good, in fact, that J.R. shaved his moustache between sets in a tribute to the insanity!

Highlights included the debut of Patty Smythe's 'Goodbye to You,' a crowd-friendly 'Love Shack' give-and-take with the girls, a headlong 'Paradise City' and a superb version of 'Would I Lie to You,' a tune which for all its dynamic intricacies, the crowds don't seem to 'get.' It's too bad, because it really does show the band can get as complex as the setting allows.

What the Legwarmers do is take the garage basics of pop and synth and hair and add, dare we say it, a little bit o' soul, making each song more than it deserves.

There was a nice moment when I wandered up to the balcony and as various sundries danced among the seats, an older African-American woman sat alone, notably quiet and unmoving amid the call-and-response power chords below. This IS suburban music, after all.

But then Gordon asked for five seconds of silence for Rick James, who had died only hours before. Then, piercing the near-quiet, thunderous drums signalled the start of the band's tribute, "Super Freak."

The older woman in the balcony nodded in respect, and began bopping her head crisply, then slowly waving her arms and soon shaking and smiling and dancing in her seat, calling up -- even while seated -- what must have been precise 80s dance moves of her youth, from clubs none of us have ever heard of but where the real funk once ruled. She seemed totally in another time, some girlfriend's basement perhaps, and Rick James would have smiled, I think.

It really was a terrific show, another all-out effort by the hardest working band in the land. The Legwarmers show that any decade, be it Little Richard, Little Anthony, Woodstock or Warrant, can be the best days of your life. If you just remember to dance.

"She's a very freaky girl..."

276 PM
Is August Ever Going to Get Here??????????????

I can't wait for the August 6th show. I want more shows. I have missed The Legwarmers. Hope you all are having a wonderful Summer.

See you soon
277 i love the 80s
more shows needed

please please can you play a show before august 6!!!
278 dianne

i am saddened by the fact that you do not live in new zealand.
the legwarmers look rad.
279 Andie

When will there be more pictures up, to get us through the long summer? I hope Rikki's outfit was well documented!
280 Ted Barnes

The Legwarmers are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GAY........

for not playing again until August!!!;-P
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