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262 Wendy O Williams
Re: Baltimore report?

Despite a little bit of on-stage strife between Ricki and Chet (I think) and a early incident of walking drums, it was still excellent! Totally!
263 Blue eyes blue...
Baltimore report?

We missed the Ram's Head show in Baltimore, Jack!

How was it, Warmerites? Did they know it's Christmastime at all?

Til next year...

264 Angie
Awesome Show at The Rams Head Live!

I must say I was impressed with The Legwarmers in Baltimore on December 18, 2004. The songs sounded just like off the radio! Can't wait until the next show!!!
265 The Bollino sister's !
Funk Box - Baltimore !

I must say ... They are AWESOME !!
We recommend any 80's fan to go see "The Legwarmers " !
A friend of mine told me about them ... she is a big fan and travels to see them.
She mentioned they were coming to Baltimore @ The Funk Box and we should go.
So , we did ! They were great !!
It was so much fun !!
You can also get into the groove and wear your 80's outfit !! See ya at Rams Head -Baltimore !

You guys are so good at covering these songs, I wonder if you might have the ability to crank out some NEW WAVE FOR A NEW GENERATION! I was just a kid in the 80's and I always hoped there'd be a kick ass band to keep things going into my 20's. Shit, you guys rock!
267 The Mammalian
Mama We're All Crazee Now

If there was a single word for the Legwarmers at the State on this November Friday night, it would be, well, 'crazy.' Not Patsy Cline crazy, but pretty close:

-- Crazy that the Legwarmer's version of Ozzy's 'Crazy Train,' which usually comes off as a simple singalong novelty number, erupted out of nowhere this night into a full-tilt rave up, with the audience propelling the band even higher with chants of 'go...go...go."

-- Crazy that Gordon's guitar solo at the end of "Let's Go Crazy" would've turned even Prince's tiny head, kicking the night's musicianship to a new place, the crowd sensing a stratomaster was shredding licks in the house like some invading Englishman on speed.

-- Crazy that the glamour twins, Cyndi and Rikki, have so nailed the harmonies and staccato of 'Love Shack' that the call and response is almost effortless night after night. They remain toasts of the State.

-- Crazy that 'We Built This City' could be so tight that a first-time Warmer fan -- we know because we were watching -- began laughing with sheer delight when she realized this wasn't just some power chord revamp but a living, breathing entertainment machine.

-- Crazy that Cru's vocals never miss, his flying microphone never pulls a Daltrey and clunks someone, and his hurt and longing echo ever hair band that ever lusted for teacher. And as a bandmate said of his outfit: "That is SO 80s it's ridiculous."

-- Crazy that Chet's pants could be so red, his bass urgencies so essential and his techno chops so trancelike. A bottom from which all is built.

-- Crazy, too, that the band motivates over the hill every night because of LaVaar, the thunder drummer you rarely see, but always feel in your gut. He was never more rock-propelled, and never more complex, than Friday night.

-- And crazy that Clarence and J.R., just back from Space Camp and a hand sprain (heh), could be so New Kid and poised, even when the dance moves have to be precise. Horns when they matter, every time.

But if you REALLY want crazy, ask anyone who was there that night about...the Noid. And someone had that lying in an attic??

Anyhow, we missed the Delaware shows but know that the State will be 80s dark through December. Instead, all hands on the Baltimore poop deck for Dec. 18 at the brand-new Rams Head Inn by the waterfront. Baltimore, not Annapolis. Be there or be...well, you know the rest...

"Crazy, but that's how it goes."
268 PM
Amazing Show Friday Night

Legwarmers, you just keep getting better and better. What a night. Everyone was having the best time ever, including me. Talk about a good time. The crowd was wild. Cyndi and Cru performed the best Total Eclipse ever. Loved Lavaar's Raggedy Andy wig. The State is "YOUR HOUSE" but will look forward to rocking with you at the RAM's HEAD.
269 The Chief
Rockin the Funk Box!!!

Wow. That's all I have to say about the performance at the Funk Box. My friends frequent the Funk Box quite a bit, and this show turned it upside down! By the second set there wasn't a soul in the house NOT damaging their vocal chords. Please, Please, Please, come back to the Funk Box for us deprived Baltimorians!

270 Jen
September State Show-1st timer-

Unreal how The Legwarmers hit every beat, note, and pause of every '80's song, just like it sounded from the original artist back then on the rocked! Unbelievable how I can't remember algebra but can remember every word to ALL the songs in your sets (great song list!)...Left there in a sweat and hoarse...KEEP IT UP! :)
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