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February 20

RIP Prince Markie Dee aka Mark Anthony Morales #fatboys
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January 8

RIP Marion Ramsey #policeacademy #lavernehooks
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December 31

Hurry, hurry, hurry, before we go insane #2021
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December 30

RIP breakdancing icon Adolfo Quinoñes #shabbadoo #lockers #ozone #breakin

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December 11

"There will only be one Indiana Jones, and that's Harrison Ford."

Harrison Ford returns as Indiana Jones for fifth and final episode

The film is to be the 78-year-old actor's fifth and final instalment in one of his most famous roles.
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November 16

Johnny 5 is alive! #shortcircuit #wheresthegute?

’80s Robot Comedy SHORT CIRCUIT Getting a Remake

Looks like Number 5 is still alive! Time to add Short Circuit to the list of '80s sci-fi classics getting a big screen reboot.
 52  6  19

November 8

We bid a sad goodbye to Alex Trebek, the man with all the answers—in the form of a question, obviously #rip #jeopardy
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